Sharepod 3.9.9

Copy music to and from your iPod

Sharepod is an excellent alternative music manager for those of us who don’t like to use iTunes to handle the content of our iPods. View full description


  • No installation required
  • Easy to use
  • Support for ratings and playlists
  • Includes search tool and built-in player


  • Some features don't work with iPhone 4

Very good

Sharepod is an excellent alternative music manager for those of us who don’t like to use iTunes to handle the content of our iPods.

With Sharepod you can easily copy music from the computer to your iPod and viceversa. The program works like a charm: simply plug the iPod in, launch Sharepod and you’re good to go. It doesn’t even require installation! Besides adding or removing music, you can also copy videos from your iPod to the PC, back up photos, and edit tags. Sharepod also imports and exports album art, ratings and playlists.

The interface in Sharepod features a simple, clean design that makes the program a pleasure to use. It supports drag-and-drop, includes a search tool and also has a built-in player to listen to the music on your iPod.

On the downside, and though the developer claims Sharepod works with iPhone and iPod Touch, we couldn’t use all of the program’s features when testing with an iPhone 4.

Sharepod is a great iPod manager that lets you transfer content between Apple’s star device and your computer.


  • Fixed: iTunes 10.1 & 2 support

Sharepod is a Windows program which copies music to/from your iPod and shares music with non-iPod friends). It offers the following features:

  • Copy songs and playlists from your iPod to your PC
  • Copy songs from a PC to your iPod - you don't need iTunes to add music to your iPod anymore!
  • Completely customizable organization of copied files - choose your own folder and filename structure
  • Integration with iTunes - once you have copied music to your PC, easily add it to your iTunes library
  • Built-in Media Player
  • Search by Title, Artist, Album, Genre (or any combination)
  • Create Winamp-style playlists from the music on your iPod so you can listen to it without needing to copy the mp3 files to your computer.
  • iPod Network File Sharing - If you are on a network, (e.g. at work/university) and you enable the feature, other users can run your copy of SharePod from their own computers, and download music directly from your iPod!
  • No messy install/uninstall process - SharePod is just a couple of files



Sharepod 3.9.9

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